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AI driven actionable recommendations for your retail business

Get access to detailed real time dashboards covering all key areas of your retail business. Use the in-built real-time retail dashboard examples to monitor your campaigns in real-time and tweak them as necessary.

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real time dashboard
sales insight dashboard

Sales Insights

Detailed view of your sales performance across stores, regions, brands. Deep dive into granular sales insights to identify problem areas, and increase your sell-through rates.

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consumer loyalty dashboard

Loyalty Insights

Comprehensive understanding of your customer loyalty marketing performance. Deeper insights into what's working and what's not leading to improved results. Learn how to build customer loyalty programs with Ingage in under two minutes and get cranking on your loyalty marketing.

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consumer insight dashboard

Customer Insights

A comprehensive profiling of your customer base across multiple attributes to enhance and improve your customer understanding. Leverage these consumer insights in campaigns and achieve better outcomes - be it improving customer retention, loyalty, sales, and others.

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rfm analysis dashboard

RFM Segmentation

Detailed understanding of AI driven RFM segmentation to define customer lifecycle engagement initiatives. RFM analysis and insights around segment migration to trigger timely RFM marketing interventions, measure CLTV, and augment the same.

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churn analysis

Churn Segmentation

AI based customer churn analysis and prediction models to prevent customer churn. Identify actionable customer segments based on “churn propensity” and devise customer retention strategies based on the same and thus reduce churn using predictive analysis.

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marketing campaign dashboard

Campaign Insights

In depth and real time understanding of campaign performance across multiple attributes like channels, customer segments, stores etc. Marketing campaign analysis for detail test vs control comparison that shows key performance metrics for better understanding. Endorse data-driven campaigns as a new age retailer!

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ecommerce fraud prevention dashboard

Fraud Insights

Comprehensive early warning system to flag out potential fraud transactions and take timely actions to prevent loss. With the best CRM for eCommerce that helps with fraud prevention you can mitigate unnecessary losses.

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insight financial marketing dashboard

Finance Insights

Get up to date with the financial insights into your loyalty program and discover ways to improve the same.

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ecommerce dashboard

Ecommerce Insights

Understand the user actions on your website and tie it to offline transactions to trigger real time customer engagement campaigns. With these eCommerce segmentation reports and web site reports, gauge user behavior to change your approach where necessary.

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