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Truly and deeply understand your customers as a segment of 1

Get away from data silos and incomplete customer insights with customer data platform. Ingage’s unified data platform first aggregates data from all your customer touchpoints and channels (store, ecommerce, app etc) and subsequently makes it available to your marketing as well as store operations team to deliver real time relevant and contextual experiences to your customers. 

Take care of your customer data now and accelerate your business growth. Leverage Ingage’s inbuilt CDP analysis to create dynamic customer segments covering interactions across all customer touchpoints

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CDP dashboard
offline transaction dashboard

Offline transactions

Get instant access to all offline transactions that a customer has done with you to understand his/her shopping behaviour in physical stores and increase customer satisfaction.

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user tracking dashboard

Online browsing behavior

Understand your customers browsing behavior and online buying preferences by analyzing online clickstream data. With Ingage CDP, website user tracking is very simple to ensure personalized push notification engagement.

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coupon marketing dashboard

Coupon usage

Get a complete view of all coupons used by a customer and the ones not used as well to ascertain his/her offer preferences in a behavior segment. This helps you amplify your coupon marketing strategy and ensure that you get the best out of our coupon sales.

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channel preference dashboard

Channel preferences

Get a complete view of all communication messages sent to a particular customer with his/her responses to future proof your communication strategy. Endorse a successful cross channel marketing strategy and increase customer engagement.

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