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Hyper personalized engagement in customer segmentation is the hallmark of any effective and high-performance customer engagement strategy. The more refined and actionable customer segmentation models are in retail companies, the better will be the targeting strategy. Ingage comes in-built with an AI-driven customer segmentation dashboard to take your customer engagement strategy to next level. AI shopping campaigns to drive engagement!

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AI-powered customer segmentation
RFV segmentation dashboard

RFV Segmentation

RFV is a widely used customer segmentation analysis tool leveraging three important customer attributes:
Recency: Customers' last purchase instance.
Frequency: The number of times a customer has made a purchase.
Monetary: The total amount a customer has spent with the brand.
RFV customer segmentation dashboard helps marketers to understand their target audience through valuable insights and the intuitive way leading to better engagement strategies. For instance, Frequentists are customers who come very often but their basket value is not too huge. To simultaneously better the complete customer experience and profit distribution, we can send them ATV stretch coupons and increase their basket value.

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Churn rate dashboard

Churn Segmentation

Acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. It is therefore imperative for companies to have a robust customer retention strategy. The ability to predict customer churn, the rate at which you lose customers, in a customer journey is critical to developing long-term loyal customers. Ingage has an automated customer churn dashboard and analysis segmentation module that gives you the ability to segment customers by scoring them on their likelihood to churn. This helps businesses to easily identify the ones with maximum churn rates.

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CLTV dashboard


Not all customers are equal. Customer lifetime value is an excellent metric to build a cohort of customers on the long-term value they bring to your business. Ingage's AI engine does CLTV calculation for each of your customers and then segments them into actionable CLTV marketing buckets so you can engage them accordingly. For instance, active customers and high-value customers marked with high CLTV formula can be given bigger discounts and offers as compared to customers with low CLTV.

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Real-time segmentation dashboard

Real Time Segmentation

Real-time customer segmentation strategy is the means of segmenting customers into various groups based on customer spend analysis or customer loyalty or other business metric attributes. Ingage offers the capability to segment your customers in real-time using any of the customer transaction or demographic attributes. Segment customers whichever way you want and then use them in your marketing campaign.

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Market segmentation dashboard

Demographics Segmentation

Demographics play a huge role in determining a customer's preferences and consumer buying behavior. Younger, more affluent customers might exhibit a very different buying behavior as compared to older age customers. Ingage offers you the capability to analyze your customer base on their demographic attributes with market segmentation to leverage these customer insights for effective marketing strategies.

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