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Understand the latent needs and desires of your customers through well researched surveys

With Ingage's survey services, capture your customer feedback through NPS surveys, SAT scores, etc and take prompt action on the same leading to better customer satisfaction online and in-stores. Learn how to create a survey, launch one, and measure your results with Ingage, today!

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survey services
real time campaign performance dashboard

Real time actionable dashboard

Get access to detailed campaign performance reports by segments, channels, offers, etc to deeply understand the drivers of campaign performance. Use these reports to measure CLTV, customer loyalty, retention, and other important retail KPIs.

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survey report

In-depth survey reporting

Test multiple variations of your campaigns with a test population, based on behavioral segmentation. Ingage AI engine then automatically sends the winning variation to the larger population for greater effectiveness which you could view as a survey report.

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multi channel integration

Multiple integration possibilities

Connect Ingage to multiple survey builders and design and execute a comprehensive customer feedback strategy. With multi channel integration get feedback from your consumers from the channel they are most comfortable with. Use these insights to enhance personalized marketing.

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