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Delight your customers every time they shop with you. Show them that you understand them with personalized product recommendations!

Reach out to your customers with relevant product recommendations at the time they need them. Leverage Ingage’s AI engine to endorse behavioral recommendations and offer the right product to the right customer at the right time through the right channel.

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ai recommendation engine

AI driven product recommendations for each customer

Deliver a completely unique and personalized offer to each customer by market automation depending upon his/her past behavior and general preferences using Ingage's product recommendations engine. Let your customers find the products they want to buy quickly and easily with our AI recommendation engine.

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personalized campaigns idea

Integrate product recommendations with campaigns effectively

Bring the power of hyper-personalization as you are defining your personalized marketing campaigns. Dynamically create unique personalized campaign offerings based on each customer characteristics. This is what your competitor uses to drive profits, so hurry and don't be left behind!

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machine learning ecommerce

Self learning AI engine for continuous improvement

Our AI engine continuously learns from campaign results and improves the recommendations for future. With the power of eCommerce machine learning, run better product recommendation campaigns than the previous ones. This, in turn, will help you prevent churn using predictive analytics while fool-proofing your customer retention efforts.

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Engage, retain and grow your retail customers through world’s first AI driven Omnichannel customer engagement platform

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