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Reach out to each individual customer with relevant and personalized offers

Unleash the power of “segment of one”. Move away from broad generic segments and reach out to individual behavioural segmentation of customers to deliver personalized offers.

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personalized offer
behavior segment

Create real time dynamic micro segments across 100’s of attributes

Segment your customers based on demographics, buying behavior, online browsing behavior and 100’s of other attributes to arrive at truly actionable segments.

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real time segmentation tracking

Analyze each segment for in depth insights

Get access to real time segment profile dashboard and further understand the unique characteristics of your segment for better targeting and enhanced customer engagement.

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digital personalization

Trigger hyper personalized campaigns for these micro segments

Leverage Ingage’s fully automated Journey builder to define and execute hyper personalized campaigns for specific segments of customers. Use unique segment insights to tailor campaign offers and messaging for better ROI.

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Engage, retain and grow your retail customers through world’s first AI driven Omnichannel customer engagement platform

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