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Create highly rewarding customer experiences across channels for long lasting loyalty

Build a cohesive and consistent messaging for your brand across channels. Reach out to your customers at varying points of their buying journey across multiple channels like Mobile push notifications, In App messages, SMS, Emails, Whatsapp and Facebook. It's your turn to ace cross-channel marketing with Ingage!

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multi channel marketing
customer engagement plan template

Reach out to customers with pre built templates across channels

Ingage is the simplest way to build a customer engagement model. With pre-built templates and the ability to personalize the SMS/e-mail/push notification customer engagement messages with your own content, Ingage makes everything fall into place. You can even make changes in real time. Keep on top of your customer engagement strategies, always.

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optimize a/b testing dashboard

A/B test your creatives for maximum conversion on campaigns

Ingage offers the capability to optimize A/B testing for different creatives and test it on a smaller population before you go ahead and execute the final campaign. Let data decide which customer needs to be sent what to increase sales in retail and enjoy the benefits of a fully automated customer engagement platform.

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optimal omnichannel dashboard

Chose the most optimal channel for each customer

Our  AI engine can accurately predict what channels are most likely to help you reach your customers. Our system bases these predictions on the historical channel interactions of each customer and uses this information to recommend the best possible campaign performance for increased customer satisfaction and ROI. Leverage it to efficiently manage your omnichannel campaigns.

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campaign performance dashboard

Measure campaign performance across channels for best results

Get in depth understanding of your campaign performance across channels to develop a better strategy for future campaigns. Ingage allows access to detailed metrics in the form of a retail campaign dashboard that truly help to analyze campaign performance and understand the channel dynamics at play.

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