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Marketing Automation

Enable personalized 1:1 customer engagement at scale through Ingage's Journey builder. Reach out to the right set of customers with the right offers at the right time all through clicking a few buttons on the journey builder interface. Create Omnichannel lifecycle campaigns in minutes, not days!!

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Segment driven campaigns:

Get the ability to create real time customer segments based on a series of attributes spanning across their purchase behaviour, communication actions etc. Once created use these segments for targeted campaigns to your customers leading to increased sales and better customer satisfaction

Event driven campaigns:

Configure specific event triggers for sending out personalized communications to your customers using Ingage’s journey builder. Delight your customers by sending them personalized notes on their special days like birthdays, anniversaries etc

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Engage, retain and grow your retail customers through world’s first AI driven Omnichannel customer engagement platform

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Multichannel campaigns:

Leverage journey builder’s multiple communication channels to reach out to the right customer with the right message through the right channel of communication. Be it SMS, Emails, Push notifications we have it all covered.

Personalize offers for every customer:

Drive higher conversions and retention by creating and sharing personalized offers to each customer basis their specific needs/preferences.