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Customer feedback surveys

Design comprehensive and sophisticated surveys for your customers with our drag and drop survey builder. Automate your customer feedback strategy by triggering surveys to customers based on their behavior.

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Design Surveys with ease

Explore the widest range of Survey Design and customization options that are visually elegant and functionally robust. Our survey designer comes pre-loaded with multiple templates that can be readily used to gather valuable customer information.

Automate Surveys Based on Behavior

Reach out to your customers for their feedback at the most opportune time. Automate this process of feedback collection through Ingage’s Journey builder. Use Journey builders easy drag and drop interface to send highly relevant and timely surveys to your customers and get deeper insights about your customer behaviour.

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Engage, retain and grow your retail customers through world’s first AI driven Omnichannel customer engagement platform

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Analyse responses with our comprehensive dashboards

Get access to detailed and insightful reports for your surveys. Our survey dashboards come embedded with various drill down capabilities making it extremely easy for you to distill down to relevant insights from your surveys and take timely action.

Send Surveys on channels customers prefer the most

Leverage Ingage’s multi-channel engagement capabilities to reach out to your customers on their most preferred channel. Create and send surveys through emails, SMS’s, push notifications and engage customers on the channel they like thereby enabling higher response rates and better insights

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