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We help retailers maximize revenue through AI powered omnichannel customer engagement platform

Loyalytics- CRM for Omnichannel retail

With Ingage you can increase your

  • Repeat Rate
  • ATV
  • CLTV
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Retention
  • Revenue

Retail is unique, and so is retail customer engagement. Why use generic “made for everyone” CRM platforms that are not really built for retail when you have Ingage? Whether it’s next-gen retail loyalty programs or AI-driven CRM,  Ingage has you covered!

Use Ingage’s marketing automation to personalize customer journeys

Hundreds of retailers are using Ingage to deliver highly personalized and contextual messages to their customer base. They are driving loyalty and engagement. What about you?

Increase your customer repeat rate by as much as 20% with Ingage
Understand your customers

Understand Your Customers Like Never Before

Ingage is the only CRM software that helps you understand underlying customer preferences and needs through its powerful AI engine. It gives you a comprehensive view of your customer interactions across all channels/touchpoints. Let your marketing team spend your precious dollars on the right buyer intent signals, thereby increasing marketing ROI.

Engage your customers

Create highly personalized Omnichannel marketing campaigns in minutes

Use  Ingage’s omnichannel ML engine to personalize your marketing campaigns across SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Push notifications, and Facebook. Find upselling opportunities and increase click-through-rate by up to 50%. Do away with guesses, and let our ML engine send the right campaign to the right customer with the best product recommendations.

Measure your customers

Measure the effectiveness of your customer engagement initiatives in real time

With Ingage, you needn’t wait for weeks to analyze campaign performances. Get comprehensive campaign performance analytics in real-time to drive decisions and enable your team with actionable insights for better campaign performance.

Say goodbye to ‘made for everyone’ CRM software. Welcome Ingage, an AI-driven CRM, built exclusively for retail!

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